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Single tickets

Single tickets cannot be refunded. Exception: when the ticket is returned before its validity period, if a journey cannot be made, for valid reasons, between the purchase of the ticket and its return. In these cases the ticket must be voided (a deduction is applied).

Single tickets bought because the passenger has forgotten or lost their named travel pass can be refunded (up a maximum of three tickets per person) with the deduction of a fee.

Multi-Journey Travelcard and Multi-Day Travelcard

If unused or partially used multi-day travelcards and multi-journey travelcards are returned, the percentages specified in the table below can be refunded. These percentages are valid for both 1st and 2nd class.

In the following cases, the passenger is entitled to a pro-rata refund:

  • The purchase of: a multi-journey travelcard for additional zones, a multi-journey travelcard with a class upgrade, a monthly or annual Arcobaleno pass or a GA travelcard
  • Damage (replacement)
  • Incorrect issue
  • Expired multi-journey travelcard for children (age limit reached)

The pro-rata refund is calculated using the following formula: price paid x unstamped boxes/6.

1-day travelcard

The 1-day travelcard cannot be refunded except for when it is returned before its validity period and expiry, if a journey cannot be made, for valid reasons, between the purchase of the travelcard and its return. In this case the 1-day travelcard must be voided.

Group ticket

A refund may be granted by the issuing office provided that:

  • The group ticket is presented
  • It can be proven that new tickets have been purchased
  • It can be proven that the ticket has been partially used
  • It can be proven that the ticket has not been used

Weekly Arcobaleno

The weekly Arcobaleno cannot be refunded.

Monthly Arcobaleno

For monthly passes, a (pro-rata) refund is possible in the following cases:

  • The extension of the pass from a monthly pass to an annual pass
  • The purchase of extra zones
  • A class upgrade
  • The purchase of a GA travelcard
  • In the event of the death of the holder (death certificate required)
  • In the event of illness or accident (certificate stating the inability of the passenger to travel is required)
  • The purchase of a new pass following changes made to the structure of the zone map

Annual Arcobaleno

In caso di abbonamento annuale, il rimborso è possibile a determinate condizioni. Le modalità di rimborso cambiano a seconda del motivo di restituzione del titolo di trasporto. Per maggiori informazioni o eventuali richieste, rivolgersi agli ticket counters.